Friday, 2 April 2010

Why we fail to reach our goals.

My good friend and colleague Gregg Marsh has beaten me to the punch. His latest blog talks about why people fail with weight management goals. The article talks about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, especially what we eat for breakfast. Our morning food choices set up a host of chemical reactions to support weight management for the day. The evidence is pretty compelling. In my opinion however there is a bigger issue for which I and other trainers can be guilty of missing. People come to see me with a fitness or weight goal in mind and in most cases they are completely out of touch with reality about what it will take to achieve that goal. Admittedly, I have sometimes been hoodwinked by a client's persuasive answer when asked about their commitment to the cause.

The better trainers out there instill into their clients what they expect and the consequences of not following the plan set out. Some do this through price; others have penalties for falling off the wagon; and others have a fitness challenge. One trainer booked his female clients onto a raunchy photo shoot! Is there one, tried and tested method that always works? No. But the link between all these methods is getting the client to be fully committed to their goal.

So what's Coach Chris' method? I get clients to create their red carpet moment. This could be a fitness challenge, a new dress, or a holiday. Whatever it is, it is something to keep them focused and committed, particularly on the days they can't be bothered. All the latest fitness fads, nutrition tips or gym memberships in the world are useless if you don't bring commitment to the table. So go on ... dream up your red carpet moment and see if you can't bring it to your workouts this week.

Stay tuned for my top 5 tips in creating long lasting commitment.

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