Thursday, 6 May 2010

#5 I have a slow metabolism.

This is by far the most flogged excuse I have heard yet. The truth is that people don't actually know what they are talking about when they talk about having a slow metabolism. I accept that I have a metabolism that will assist me in looking like a gazelle. If I abuse this, I will, and have put on fat (not to mention looking 10 years older). However, there are people who say to me that they have one of those metabolisms which means no matter what they eat, they put on weight.

Your metabolism involves a complex network of hormones and enzymes which converts food into energy as well as controlling how efficiently you do it. Not everyone burns calories at the same rate. Unknown to most people who use this as an excuse, overweight people tend to have a fast metabolism. Metabolism is affected by age, sex and proportion of lean tissue carried. This is why leaner, more muscular people find it easier to stay leaner than those who aren't. This is also another reason why weight training is essential for weight management.

Some people have thyroid dysfunction which will affect metabolism and sometimes lead to rapid weight gain. However, this applies to a small proportion of the public. The women I know who have metabolism issues are curvy, strong and are in great shape. They train hard, are stronger than most men and quite often get comments from other women like, "it's OK for you as you burn it off," or, " You're lucky, if I ate what you did, I would be massive." The 'it's alright for you' brigade send me round the bend. These people try to discredit the hard work put in by those who don't make excuses.

The concept of your body not being able to lose weight or get in shape makes us feel better that we can't. We have bought into an excuse with no understanding as to what is really going on. Unless you have been tested for metabolism issues, keep quiet as it's embarrassing to hear. Most clients I see, simply don't realise that they aren't 15 anymore and need to look after their body a bit better and in a different way. They claim they have metabolism issues as a bottle of wine a night makes them put on weight more than when they were 21. It's not your metabolism, it's the 640 additional calories and the glycemic load which adds the weight!

I hope you enjoyed the series. If you happen to hear any of these excuses or hear one which isn't hear, leave a comment to make us chuckle.

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