Tuesday, 25 January 2011

30 day fat loss plan

If you are receiving this post, you are autoomatically in my inner circle for 30 day fat loss plan. Due to the fact that it will take far too long to explain, I am giving you a breakdown of how it works and you will just have to trust me and do it. Are you still interested? Read on.

First I need to make sure you are right for the plan. This is free to you but combined with my one on one services would cost £2000. All I ask is that read my following conditions and if you think you can't do it, don't.

* You must want change and be prepared to do something about it.
* You must be willing to perform exercise 5 times a week.
* This will not work if you are a vegan.
* You must be prepared to contribute through updates and even pictures of the results you have achieved.
* Excuses are pointless and a waste of time. If you are full of them, don't do it.
* Make sure you haven't got any illness or injury that will affect your training.
* As always, make sure you consult a doctor prior to following any exercise and fitness plan. Are you still interested? Read on.

You may hear me bang on about fat loss versus weight loss. Weight loss groups focus on crude weight loss. I and other good personal trainers only focus on fat. Fat levels are the only thing that predispose you more to getting preventable disease, not how much lean tissue you have. Losing weight is easy, losing fat requires more skill. Burning fat is all about getting your diet right then exercise accelerating the effects. This plan also can lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, reduce IBS symptoms as well as many more. If you want to follow this for more than 30 days then go for it. Just make sure you tell others how good it is and how good you feel.

I will be available for e-mail support so I need to make sure that my time will be spent with those who really want to do this. Are you still interested?

If so then I need you to do these simple steps.

* Look at your schedule and put the start date of this plan and the end date 30 days later in your diary.
* Look at your diary and highlight any social events which will be potential banana skins to following the 30 day fat loss plan. If there are more than 4 then you this isn't the right time for you.
* Put in the diary, likely opportunities for you to exercise each week. Don't think about the time or how tired you are or may be. If there are less than 4, then this isn't the right time for you.
* Put a point in the diary which you will be prepared to commit to food planning for the week. It could be a Sunday or a every third day. If you can't then this isn't the right time to do the plan.
* The plan involves eating lean meats, fish and lots of vegetables. Make a list of what you like. Aim for variety.
* Look around your home and get rid of any crisps and sweets lying around put them in a tin or throw them out. You can eat chocolate on this plan but at the right time.
* Get a fruit bowl out and be prepared to see it full.
* Clear a space in the fridge for lots of vegetables.

Does this sound like something you can do now or when you get home? If so then do one last thing for me. I want you to measure the circumference of your hips (widest part) and your waist ( about 1" above your belly button). Take a full length picture of yourself and keep it. At the end of the plan, I need to see the stats and the results. Follow this correctly and your belly fat will go down the fastest.

Are you ready to start?


  1. Hi Chris. You mention being vegan is a no. I am vegetarian - would that be ok?

  2. I am in the process of completing a vegetarian version. It would be easy to say just replace the meat options with substitutes but the plan may not work. I should have this done in a week or so. Can you hold on?