Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I'm going to drink so help me.

OK, so in an ideal world, any client who trains with me would cut back on the booze. Most do, but for those who still drink more than I would like, I help them balance out the booze as much as possible. Before I go any further, this isn't a guide to prevent the side effects of a night on the source. This is more quick guide as to how you can help your body deal with the poison/toxin, high insulin levels and excess calories from drinking.

1. Alcohol is a toxin/poison. Sure you hear of medicinal uses of alcohol. A shot of Vodka was often used as an accompaniment to your meal to kill any bacteria that may have survived the cooking process. A glass of wine can help relieve stress. However, Vodka is also good at stripping floors and cleaning jewelery so I wouldn't cling to the hope that you are making a positive health choice. Also, you can get the goodness from the grape without having it in the form of alcohol. So to help your liver cope with a night out, use milk thistle before and after to restrict and even prevent the damaging effects of alcohol.

2. Work out how big the night out is and prepare the day before and after. If you know you are going to have a skinful, you don't deserve to eat the same that day or the day after. In fact if you work out the calories consumed, you probably should think about a fast the morning after.

3. Alcohol counts towards your carb quota. If you have a few drinks, no refined carbs for the day. Take sugar out as well. Eat plenty of dark green vegetables instead.

Remember, these are 'take it our leave it tips.' This is the info that my clients want and i'm sharing them with you. If you think they are unrealistic for you, don't do them.

4. Eat a protein rich meal before you drink. This will slow your blood alcohol concentration rate. You will be putting your body through some of the symptoms a diabetic would experience. When you drink, your liver's ability to use carbs or fat as energy is completely switched off. So your blood sugar will drop and your body will not be able to provide you with any energy as you can't access the calories you consume from alcohol. This is why you hear stories of people falling unconscious and dying in the cold. Your body shuts down and has no energy.

5. Have a break from your session with a drink of water. Ideally water in between your drinks, but water isn't cool apparently. You may have been one of the people who gave me a dirty look when I asked you to get me a glass of water from the bar.

6. Take an electrolyte drink when you get in. Not a sports drink.

7. Drink hydrating fluids the day after. Coconut water is great for restoring pottasium levels.

8. Use Cinnamon in your midday smoothie. This helps to get your blood sugar back under control.

9. Get a bit out of breath in the morning. You can't sweat out a session. This is a myth. What you can do is oxygenate your blood which is probably trying to detoxify after your night out. A brisk walk will suffice.

10. Get a good gym session in the day before. Most of my clients have specific workouts to do before they go out. Most don't know that I am doing it and get one anyway. A good run isn't enough i'm afraid. You need to hit the weights and hit them hard.

Here are a few of the many different tricks and tips that I use. If you want to know more, drop me a message on my Facebook page.


Friday, 28 October 2011

Healthy eating for under 30 quid.

I frequently get told that healthy eating is expensive. I will not deny that healthier options do cost more. However, for most, to eat healthier than they currently do would not cost anymore money. The main cost to us is convenience. We pay for food to be packaged, look and taste the way we want it to because it is convenient. So if you want to eat healthier without spending more money, you are going to have to get used to a bit of inconvenience. This means, searching out deals, not buying everything from the supermarket. Using a butcher if there is one local to you and preparing meals from scratch.

So I was told by someone that they couldn't eat healthily for the budget they had. I was then challenged to make a menu for their budget. When I scoured the supermarkets, there were various 2 for 1 offers which made a saving. The main saving was on making things last. Food was to last for 2-3 meals and leftovers. Mackerel and pouting are great low cost fish alternatives. Liver again is a low protein option (even though it isn't on this menu).

The plan is a 20% protein as this individual isn't very active. Porridge is soaked to speed up the cooking time and to aid digestion by breaking down phytic acid. I guarantee that if people have a bad diet, their digestion and absorbtion of nutrients will be poor. Fruit and veg portions are around 7 a day. Oily fish and flax seeds are to ensure optimum intake of omega 3

So here's the menu.


Porridge with flax seeds, banana and maple syrup.

Lentil soup with vegetables

Tuna salad with vegetables


Mackerel, tomatoes and rice

Lentil soup with vegetables

Roast chicken and vegetables


Porridge, flax seeds, banana and maple syrup

Chicken salad

Sweet potato with tuna and stir fry veg


Smoked mackerel, cottage cheese and raw vegetables

Lentil soup with leftover roast vegetables

Thai green chicken curry


Porridge, flax seeds, banana and maple syrup

Omelet with spring onions and salad

Curry leftovers


Fast in the morning (gut cleanse)

Chicken salad

Pouting (fish) with vegetables


Porridge, flax seeds, banana and maple syrup

Nicoise salad

Roasted veg with oregano and tomatoes + chicken leftovers.

I didn't even include vegetarian days which bring the cost down even further. This is for one person so economies of scale would bring the cost down a little more. I also added some extra little tips such as a starting the day with water and lemon juice to aid peristaltic action of the colon. I am also recommending a protein shake which is to be turned into a smoothie to make a nutritious meal. Every little bit helps. It's all about being creative and planning what you are going to eat for the week.


Monday, 24 October 2011

Are you really doing a bootcamp.

When you get multiple leaflets through your front door advertising bootcamps, it is safe to say that bootcamp training is everywhere. Yet something doesn't quite sit right with me. Earlier in the year, I downloaded Marc Kent's Commando Fitness, bootcamp blueprint book. As Marc used to be a commando it seemed a pretty good place to start get to the bottom of this bootcamp phenomena. Also hearing from Patrick Dale about the disparity between actual military style bootcamps and the one done in the park with friends, has led me to this post.

The original bootcamps were long (32 weeks), hard endurance runs in full gear and life changing. They were designed to hone people into elite commandos so they could earn the right to wear a green beret. Not everyone will make it but those who pass the test have done well. X factor have bootcamps in which good singers are brought up to scratch to see if they can make it as world-class performers. Again, many don't make it. I recently saw an add for an investors bootcamp which was a full weekend learning how to become an investor. The end result is to earn money. All these bootcamps have in common is a STANDARD OF PRACTICE. They challenge you to be different. If you don't like it, see you later. Even though fitness bootcamps today don't need to be military based, they still need to incorporate some of the original functions. If they don't you are doing an average to good circuit class. There is nothing wrong with it, you are just kidding yourself that you are doing a bootcamp.

So here is my checklist to see if you are doing a bootcamp or if you are simply doing a circuit class. You are doing a circuit class.....

1. If you say, "i'm going to my weekly bootcamp class." 'Weekly' and 'bootcamp' shouldn't be in the same sentence. The only exception is if you are doing technique work for hours at a time. I used to attend these for sports. I expect fitness bootcamps to be 3 times a week at least as well as take home material, homework and a strict nutrition plan to follow.

2. If you enjoy it. Bootcamp shouldn't be fun. Why? Because you are trying to change yourself and you will meet resistance. The results and the destination are the fun part. You shouldn't base your decision to do bootcamp on whether you enjoy it. Some people do though.

3. If you have to miss bootcamp because it clashes with something else. The result you are trying to achieve in bootcamp training should take priority over everything else (withing reason).

4. If you go out the night before knowing that you will be OK in the morning for bootcamp.

5. If you stop doing bootcamp because it is getting cold. You haven't bought into bootcamp training. You were doing a circuit class.

6. If you tell the instructor what you can and can't do. You should have been screened before so when you turn up, you get on with it. No excuses.

7. If it is easy. Getting in shape, mentally and physically is hard work and if you are going to change your mind and body, and you find it is easy, you aren't being challenged in the way bootcamp is designed. You're circuit training i'm afraid.

8. If you stop doing your bootcamp because you don't like being told what to do. Most likely you are going to bootcamp because doing it your way over the years hasn't worked. If you don't hand over control to the instructor, you are doing a circuit class because it is all done on your terms. Eventually, something will get on your nerves and you will leave.

I'm sure there are more but I hear these a lot.

Feel free to add to them.


Monday, 10 October 2011

Are we more mentally unfit than physically unfit?

Around 1 in 4 men and 1 in 3 women in the UK are obese. 25% of young boys and 33% of young girls are also obese. The gov keep telling us that the numbers are growing despite 'efforts' to reverse this trend. Even though we shouldn't ignore this growing trend, my concern is the apparent decline in our mental fitness. Confused? Check this out.

We all know that we need to eat less and move more (sort of) to lose weight. It is the worst kept fitness secret out there, yet people seem to ignore the advice. Others put it down to motivation, time money...yet if we look behind the reasons, there appears to be something else going on as to why we can't lose weight. First we need to look at other growing trends.

The highest percentage of road rage victims are found in the UK. The UK is the road rage capital of the world with 80% of people being victims. Domestic abuse is also on the rise. Hospitals are seeing an increase in shaken babies. It needs to be stated that this can be seen during times of economic gloom. Alcohol intake and treatment has risen sharply. The number of units consumed doubled between 1997 and 2008. Unsurprisingly, there has been a 24% increase in the number of drink related deaths. Is this all down to the economy? Even if the economic climate makes us feel down in the dumps, why does this make us consume to excess?

People are stressed everywhere we look. But what is stress? If you perceive a situation stressful, you will experience stress as if it were real to you, despite the fact that you are getting worked up over not getting the dishes done. My observation is that we are becoming less able to deal with the demands of day to day life and we are becoming less mentally fit. If you become physically fit, your body is better equipped to resist the physical exertions placed on it. How much of the day is spent on getting our minds better equipped at resisting the stresses of day to day life? We are even now so afraid that our kids can't deal with not winning at sports day that everyone has to win. Getting back to the food issue, we have also lost the fine art of resisting urges as despite economics or finances, there is an abundance of the things which can do us harm. We seem to also have lost the art of saying 'no'. Someone asks if you want some of their deep fried chicken. We are so afraid of hurting their feelings, we would rather damage our own health than speak our minds. Many years ago, someone asked me if I wanted a cigarette. I said, "eerrr, I'm OK thanks." I had to back step and acknowledge my nervous response and tell them that I didn't smoke and for some reason, I gave the impression that I did as I didn't want to appear rude. The parent's of obese kids were asked if they thought their kids were obese. Most said no as they don't want to label their kids. Haven't the parents done that already with their diet and lifestyle?

Obesity isn't about just about being overweight. In my experience, there is always a mental issue that has not been addressed which manifests itself physically as weight gain. Smoking, drinking and now eating are all being used to seek comfort. So it makes sense that the more 'uncomfortable' we feel, the more we will use a 'crutch' that makes us feel better. Education only informs people about the consequences of comfort eating, smoking and drinking to excess. It doesn't deal with the issue as to why we need comfort. Dealing with emotions, managing expectations, negativity, conflict resolution, taking responsibility for your life.....this is what we experience everyday yet we don't even touch these issues. Any youth worker who deals with the 'disaffected youth' will tell you that kids today don't know how to deal with their emotions and feelings and it manifests itself in criminality.

I know plenty of guys who are physically super fit yet can get wound up easily. Footballers spring to mind. I watched a game where a player was moaning about being fouled and the referee not acting on it. He ran up to the ref, showed him the mark from the challenge and said "he got me first look, see!" When have you seen a ref say, "oooh, that looks bad mate. You know what, I think you're right. I'll have a word with him. You'd better get some TCP on it." Yet this is seen by most (not me) as the accepted way to behave. Golfers and gymnasts on the other hand have to be aware of their emotions, then in control of them as they only get one chance to execute a shot or move. They get direct feedback that something wasn't quite right. The flip side is this can make you over critical which also isn't good.

So what do we do? Firstly we need to stop labelling people with mental illness as 'them'. We are all on the same spectrum, just further down. We all have our 'stuff' to deal with. When you get wound up, ask yourself this question. If I had won the lottery, would I care? How much time in the day do we spend unwinding compared to being wound up? How much negative talk do we use? Do you use a vision board or have an end step so you know all the hard work is for a reason? Do have have an anchor to help you put life into perspective when you get mad? I use a picture of my wife and son. Do you meditate? When was the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone? I believe the balance we need for optimum health addresses all the elements of fitness, not just the physical. Also, most people need to use their mind more than their body, so surely it's worth spending time getting it in shape?

If you have any other ways which you work on mental fitness, feel free to post.


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Drinking and weight loss.

All my clients on the initial stages of my programme aren't allowed to drink (amongst other things). The reason is that I don't want anything to hinder the effects of the system. I hear people say, "what about a gin with slimline tonic? It has hardly any calories." Calories in alcohol aren't necessarily the main problem. You actually don't store much alcohol as fat (so long as you haven't consumed excess calories for the day). I can see you reaching for the bottle as I type. The problem with alcohol is your liver converts it into Acetate. Acetate is then released into your bloodstream and stops fat burning. No protein, fat or carbs get a look in when you have Acetate in your bloodstream. Acetate also contributes to your hangover.

So if you don't put on weight from alcohol alone, where does the weight gain come from? The weight comes from the excess calories consumed after your session. This could be from alcohol or food. While Acetate is in your bloodstream, your body will convert excess calories into fat. I refer to alcohol as 'all the calories and non of the benefits.' You can't use the calories in alcohol to exercise the same way you would with a chicken salad. It would be like saying 2 bottles of wine will get you through a triathlon. However, the excess calories from your session count to your 'allowance' for the day. So whatever you eat after pushes you over. You can also get water retention which can add to the weight gain.

So it is far easier to knock it on the head for a short while to accelerate your fat loss plan.


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Top tips for healthy skin.

Every since I was a child, I have had sensitive skin. For years I didn't use soap. I was told not to by doctors as apparently I was allergic to it. I was never allergic to soap. I was sensitive to the chemicals used in soap. The side effects showed up much quicker on me than other people. Combined with being given strong steroid cream which left scars on my skin, I have to stay natural to keep my skin healthy.

Here are some top tips a doctor will not tell you about keeping your skin healthy.

1. Avoid common soaps that contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate. If a soap foams, it most likely has this in it. It is an ester of sulhpuric acid and is commonly contaminated with dioxane, a known carcinogen. It is used because it is cheap and it leaves you squeaky clean. It also cleans cars very well and is used in garages. Your liver can't metabolise it and your skin is being stripped of its natural oils.

2. Improve your diet. If you eat garbage, the condition of your skin will deteriorate. Your skin is the last part of the detoxification process of the body. Look out for allergens, intolerances and try an alkalising diet which has plenty of fruit and vegetables. Also eat lots of oily fish or get a fish oil supplement (see below).

3. Salt baths. Soaking in a salt bath helps to alaklise your skin. It will also give you relief if you have dry or itchy skin. High skin acidity again can be related to diet, so it is pointless to have a salt bath only to then have a Mcdonalds.

4. Only use botanically based products on your skin. This includes moisturisers, cleansers and makeup. Steroid creams and prescribed cleansers can be harmful so you have to look around. Finding them is hard work. Even when you see the word 'sensitive' they still contain harmful substances. Just not as many as you would find in a regular bottle. Baby products aren't safe either. See the link below to see a range botanical cosmetics for adults and babies.

5. Use the steam room or sauna. Not only are they great for your muscles, they will help detoxify your body and encourage your skin to produce its own moisture.

I have used these methods to keep eczema at bay. It also helped to clear up my son's eczema. If you want to know more about skin health, send me an e-mail. (their fish oil is flavoured with orange so it won't repeat on you. Mention my name and you should get your order a little quicker). (look at their skin range. The baby products are excellent and I use them on my son. I get a discount so if anything interests you, let me know).

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Staying fit in Essex

Previously I lived in London. Fighting my way through London's commuters and traffic. Taking hours to travel a few miles. Getting home with a layer of grime on my face from the pollution. There was always a sense of tension around rush hour. No one spoke on the tube. Everyone was defensive, ready to pounce. It was a bit of a jungle. I moved out to Epping and it took a few weeks for my brain to get used to the quiet starts to my day. There were no sirens, no arguments between drunks. It was as if someone had turned down the volume of life and I felt very calm. From time to time, I meet other ex-Londoners who had done the same.

The great news is Essex isn't London. The bad news is Essex isn't London! The fast pace has gone but so have a lot of options. The town closes down at 5:30 whereas London never stops. There are a couple of gyms over here. London has gyms next door to each other. It's not boring, you just have to be a bit more organised to stay fit and healthy. It is very easy to relax at the weekend. Clients tell me that now they work from home, they have longer leisurely lunches. They socialise with mums and dads in the pub or coffee shops. You experience less stress but you slowly start to put on weight because you are less active.

So how do you stay fit and healthy when your lifestyle becomes more laid back? There are lots of outdoor options in Essex, you just have to look for them. I continually drive past parks and open spaces which have got me thinking. I have taken it upon myself to help with this cause. I have put together teams of yoga/pilates teachers as well as group fitness training for new mums. My top end package is one on one training for which I take on a small handful of clients. This is a complete lifestyle overhaul ranging from how to fine dine the healthy way to finding the optimum balance of exercise to nights out. I hope to be adding more to these soon and will be offering kids fitness packages. If Mohammad can't come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammad!

So if you are one the people who have made the lifestyle choice or simply want to find out what how to stay fit in Essex, drop me an e-mail or follow my on Facebook.

Great day in Tesco

So I teased you on Facebook when I mentioned I had a challenging day. By the end of it, I felt I could do anything and let me show you how simple it was.

First I was shopping in Tesco. I was after some Pouting fillets. Jamie Oliver got me onto them. They are much more abundant (and tastier) than cod. When the lady on the fish counter said she had never heard of them, I remember what Jamie Oliver said. I asked her WHY NOT. She said she didn't have an answer. I then asked her to weigh the cod loin and told her that Pouting was 1/3 of the price. This got her excited and she called her friends over, they wrote it down and said they would speak to their purchasing manager later. Knowing this person may not give the idea much thought, I spoke the language of the purchasing manager. " Tell him/her it was on the Jamie Oliver show and it flies of the shelf at my local Tesco."

You might be saying that this isn't rocket science, or 'big deal.' This isn't the point. It is about not hesitating when you get an idea in your head. You have read this, thought about it and had a chance to think about your reaction. Some may have done the same as me, others may have let doubt creep in and thought, 'what's the point? Nothing will change' There are far too many people who take this view and is why some things never change. So I thought, 'imagine a full day of direct action?'

I carried this momentum into a health food shop in Epping high street. I overheard a lady talking to the duty manager about ways to get more energy. I asked if I could be of assistance, She quickly got on the defensive, claiming that I was going to get her to do more exercise as I look like a personal trainer. I was flattered she could tell my profession through my baggy clothes. She kept putting up barrier after barrier, making excuses, blaming her family, claiming that I would be in her situation as me and my wife are in a 'honeymoon period.' I heard enough at this point and the Coach stepped in.

"Yes, my wife and I haven't been married long. However, my parents split up when I was growing up and I made it my job to take repsonsibility for my life and to be a better husband whether I wanted to or not. So I help out at home, cook meals because guess what? Men can be lazy if they have everything done for them. You have no one but yourself to blame for your sitation. I would suggest that instead of buying protein shakes for your husband and son and claiming you have no time, get them to buy things for you so you can have some time to unwind. A crumpet for breakfast isn't going to help you and weightwatchers is the last thing you should be doing (in my professional opinion)."

She agreed grumbled and walked off. This wasn't an attack. I carefully chose these words to be challenging yet be in my authority that I wasn't going to be a doormat for someone else's predicament. I was also respectful that this woman was in pain, so I gave her some free advice that I give to my paying clients. When I went to pay for my item, the shop worker asked me for my details as she liked what I said. Later that day, I got 2 separate client referrals. I don't believe in coincidence. You get what you put out. We all have those moments when you want to say something but fear and doubt creep in and stop us. How many times in the day do you tow the line and hide at the back? Step out! Be heard and speak from the heart. Just don't tell your boss how much you hate them!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

30 day fat loss plan

Here is the plan.

The food plan is part of what is known as 'The Paleo Diet', 'GI diet' and a Mediterranean diet. It consists of food groups that are closer to what our body naturally wants to work at optimum levels. Working at optimum levels, your body is then able to burn fat rather than store fat, so your exercise efforts are rewarded with fat loss. It is modeled on how humans survived in paleolithic eras. Personally, it is the only food plan to follow. It is higher protein than a conventional diet, but most people don't eat enough protein anyway, so any increase will seem huge. Unlike fad low carb diets, there isn't a carb reduction in this plan. It is a replacement of good carbs for bad carbs. Good carbs are fruits and vegetables (except legumes and starchy root vegetables). Bad carbs are anything that has been processed like bread, rice and pasta. These affect your insulin levels and it is better insulin regulation that will turn you into a fat burning machine. If you eat animal protein, you must have vegetables with it. This helps to regulate blood acidity. Why is this important? You can lose as much calcium as you are trying to eat if your diet is acidic which can lead to osteoporosis. So you're going to eating a lot more vegetables. Paleo protein sources are high quality,lean animal meats and fish. Grass fed or free range organic is the best meat you can go for.

There are other conditions I give my clients to achieve success.

* No cereals for breakfast
* No smoking allowed
* 2 litres of mineral water a day.
* No more than 2 units of red wine every other night (yes I am serious).
* 5 exercise sessions a week ( they will vary in length).

Sound simple? I never said it would be easy. If you follow this, you can lose anywhere between 1/2 stone to 1 stone of fat. Remember, if you are reading this far down, no excuses or whinging.

Every meal must have protein and good fat in it. Fat is like green Kryptonite to Weight Watchers but you need good fat to function well. As mentioned earlier, cereals aren't allowed. Granola is OK if you are stuck, otherwise make more time to plan.

Breakfast (choose from one of these)

Poached eggs, smoked salmon, tomatoes, small handful of nuts (not peanuts).
100g of any lean meat or fish with either tomatoes or vegetables. This could be sirloin steak, fish ( take some mints with you). There are lots of things you can chose from.

Sound weird? Tradition and culture has conditioned us to think that cereals are a 'great start to the day.' They are actually the worst thing you can do if you want all the health benefits from this plan. YOU MUST NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT HAVING BREAKFAST.


100g of any lean meat or fish with dark green salad and half an avocado or olive oil/flaxseed oil dressing (or save half for your pre-evening meal for people with smaller build)


Small handful of nuts and a couple of pieces of fruit.

Pre evening meal

small piece of protein with a few tomatoes

Evening meal.

100g of any lean meat or fish with 2 vegetables and a good source of fat.

Under no circumstances should your evening meal look like an all you can eat buffet. Once this plan starts to work, you should feel like you don't need as much food in the evening. You should also feel like you are looking forward to your meals instead of punishing yourself with a low fat rice cake.


This is where the real fun begins. Under no circumstances should you be wasting your valuable time and effort training at the 'fat burning' level spouted out by the gyms. Short sharp bursts of exercise will make up your cardio. If you want BIG results, you must be doing weight training too. so 5 day plan will look like this.

* Monday, Interval session
* Tuesday, weights
* Wendesday, intervals session
* Thursday, weights
* Friday, interval session.
* Saturday, fun activities
* Sunday, rest.

If you can't get to the gym to do a weights session then don't worry. You will still get good results. I don't care what you do in your interval session. You could run up and down the stairs or join a Zumba class (Zumba has just gone crazy!), All interval training means is your heart rate going up and down. Make sure 2 of your total sessions are quite intense but only last for 20 mins.

If you have access to weights, your programme needs to follow this format.

* Each set must last for 40 seconds
* 3 sets for each exercise
* Alternate between upper body then lower body or whole body movements
* 20 minutes minimum
* Heart rate is up like doing a cardio session.

Is that it? Yes. If this is a big change in exercise volume for you then start the your first session at 20 min then add 5-10 minutes each session until you are at 1 hour.

Tips for success

* Planning is crucial. If you leave home and you haven't thought about what you are going to eat, chances are it will lead to a bad choice being made.
* If you have a slim frame then have about 80g portions of protein. If you have a bigger build, have more than 100g.
* You must have lots of vegetables with your protein source.
* Protein must be lean meat sources.
* Cook more the night before so you can have your protein the day after either as lunch or breakfast. Chicken works well here.
* If you are stuck, have some refined carbohydrates but they should make up the smallest amount on your plate.
* Your pre-evening meal should mean that your evening meal is smaller.
* Try and eat at least 2 hours before you go to bed.
* You can have chocolate, but it must be over 70% cocoa and have a few squares after your meal, never on an empty stomach.

Once you have digested all this, let me know how you are going to apply this. Remember, it is an all or nothing programme and it is only 30 days.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

30 day fat loss plan

If you are receiving this post, you are autoomatically in my inner circle for 30 day fat loss plan. Due to the fact that it will take far too long to explain, I am giving you a breakdown of how it works and you will just have to trust me and do it. Are you still interested? Read on.

First I need to make sure you are right for the plan. This is free to you but combined with my one on one services would cost £2000. All I ask is that read my following conditions and if you think you can't do it, don't.

* You must want change and be prepared to do something about it.
* You must be willing to perform exercise 5 times a week.
* This will not work if you are a vegan.
* You must be prepared to contribute through updates and even pictures of the results you have achieved.
* Excuses are pointless and a waste of time. If you are full of them, don't do it.
* Make sure you haven't got any illness or injury that will affect your training.
* As always, make sure you consult a doctor prior to following any exercise and fitness plan. Are you still interested? Read on.

You may hear me bang on about fat loss versus weight loss. Weight loss groups focus on crude weight loss. I and other good personal trainers only focus on fat. Fat levels are the only thing that predispose you more to getting preventable disease, not how much lean tissue you have. Losing weight is easy, losing fat requires more skill. Burning fat is all about getting your diet right then exercise accelerating the effects. This plan also can lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, reduce IBS symptoms as well as many more. If you want to follow this for more than 30 days then go for it. Just make sure you tell others how good it is and how good you feel.

I will be available for e-mail support so I need to make sure that my time will be spent with those who really want to do this. Are you still interested?

If so then I need you to do these simple steps.

* Look at your schedule and put the start date of this plan and the end date 30 days later in your diary.
* Look at your diary and highlight any social events which will be potential banana skins to following the 30 day fat loss plan. If there are more than 4 then you this isn't the right time for you.
* Put in the diary, likely opportunities for you to exercise each week. Don't think about the time or how tired you are or may be. If there are less than 4, then this isn't the right time for you.
* Put a point in the diary which you will be prepared to commit to food planning for the week. It could be a Sunday or a every third day. If you can't then this isn't the right time to do the plan.
* The plan involves eating lean meats, fish and lots of vegetables. Make a list of what you like. Aim for variety.
* Look around your home and get rid of any crisps and sweets lying around put them in a tin or throw them out. You can eat chocolate on this plan but at the right time.
* Get a fruit bowl out and be prepared to see it full.
* Clear a space in the fridge for lots of vegetables.

Does this sound like something you can do now or when you get home? If so then do one last thing for me. I want you to measure the circumference of your hips (widest part) and your waist ( about 1" above your belly button). Take a full length picture of yourself and keep it. At the end of the plan, I need to see the stats and the results. Follow this correctly and your belly fat will go down the fastest.

Are you ready to start?