Monday, 28 June 2010

6. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake

We all know that eating more fruit and vegetables are good for us. They contain cancer fighting and anti-aging properties which we can't get from anywhere else in our diet. Government guidelines state that we need 5 portions a day to keep us healthy. However, a recent study showed that eating 5 portions a day had negligible health benefits. One could read this and think "what is the point." The point you would be missing (which the study failed to point out) is that 5 a day is not enough to provide us with the necessary health benefits. We need to be eating much more.

Try a week of eating 10 portions a day. If you struggle to eat this amount, try adding juices or smoothies to your diet. Try to avoid buying them off the shelf. Get them as fresh as possible.

Here is a possible food plan.

Breakfast: 2-3 pieces of fruit

Snacks: 3 pieces throughout the day.

Lunch: salad containing 2 vegetables

Dinner: 2-3 pieces/portions of vegetables.

Don't be surprised if you lose a few pounds too.

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