Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Down time

We spend the majority of our lives working and continually try to fit more into the day. Our time is finite yet we try to negotiate more time out of our day at the cost of our health. We send e-mails on the go and can be contacted all over the world. Switching off is getting ever harder to do.

Down time is important as it is the time we are able to switch off from the stress of life. If you live out of the city, you will experience the deep sigh of relief as the amount of commuters slowly decreases and the stations become more spaced out. It could be the first few days on holiday when you want to sleep or just think about nothing while you listen to the oceans waves. It could be the time when you melt into the couch and just unwind or time spent with your family. This time is important and needs scheduling into your day.

People who practice meditation are able to slow down their pulse, lower blood pressure as well as reducing the amount of cortisol the adrenal glands produce. All these factors contribute to heart disease. Heart disease is the silent killer and is completely avoidable through lifestyle changes.

Every day schedule in some down time where you can just think about nothing. It is hard to do but you will not regret it.

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