Sunday, 17 April 2011

Great day in Tesco

So I teased you on Facebook when I mentioned I had a challenging day. By the end of it, I felt I could do anything and let me show you how simple it was.

First I was shopping in Tesco. I was after some Pouting fillets. Jamie Oliver got me onto them. They are much more abundant (and tastier) than cod. When the lady on the fish counter said she had never heard of them, I remember what Jamie Oliver said. I asked her WHY NOT. She said she didn't have an answer. I then asked her to weigh the cod loin and told her that Pouting was 1/3 of the price. This got her excited and she called her friends over, they wrote it down and said they would speak to their purchasing manager later. Knowing this person may not give the idea much thought, I spoke the language of the purchasing manager. " Tell him/her it was on the Jamie Oliver show and it flies of the shelf at my local Tesco."

You might be saying that this isn't rocket science, or 'big deal.' This isn't the point. It is about not hesitating when you get an idea in your head. You have read this, thought about it and had a chance to think about your reaction. Some may have done the same as me, others may have let doubt creep in and thought, 'what's the point? Nothing will change' There are far too many people who take this view and is why some things never change. So I thought, 'imagine a full day of direct action?'

I carried this momentum into a health food shop in Epping high street. I overheard a lady talking to the duty manager about ways to get more energy. I asked if I could be of assistance, She quickly got on the defensive, claiming that I was going to get her to do more exercise as I look like a personal trainer. I was flattered she could tell my profession through my baggy clothes. She kept putting up barrier after barrier, making excuses, blaming her family, claiming that I would be in her situation as me and my wife are in a 'honeymoon period.' I heard enough at this point and the Coach stepped in.

"Yes, my wife and I haven't been married long. However, my parents split up when I was growing up and I made it my job to take repsonsibility for my life and to be a better husband whether I wanted to or not. So I help out at home, cook meals because guess what? Men can be lazy if they have everything done for them. You have no one but yourself to blame for your sitation. I would suggest that instead of buying protein shakes for your husband and son and claiming you have no time, get them to buy things for you so you can have some time to unwind. A crumpet for breakfast isn't going to help you and weightwatchers is the last thing you should be doing (in my professional opinion)."

She agreed grumbled and walked off. This wasn't an attack. I carefully chose these words to be challenging yet be in my authority that I wasn't going to be a doormat for someone else's predicament. I was also respectful that this woman was in pain, so I gave her some free advice that I give to my paying clients. When I went to pay for my item, the shop worker asked me for my details as she liked what I said. Later that day, I got 2 separate client referrals. I don't believe in coincidence. You get what you put out. We all have those moments when you want to say something but fear and doubt creep in and stop us. How many times in the day do you tow the line and hide at the back? Step out! Be heard and speak from the heart. Just don't tell your boss how much you hate them!

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