Friday, 28 October 2011

Healthy eating for under 30 quid.

I frequently get told that healthy eating is expensive. I will not deny that healthier options do cost more. However, for most, to eat healthier than they currently do would not cost anymore money. The main cost to us is convenience. We pay for food to be packaged, look and taste the way we want it to because it is convenient. So if you want to eat healthier without spending more money, you are going to have to get used to a bit of inconvenience. This means, searching out deals, not buying everything from the supermarket. Using a butcher if there is one local to you and preparing meals from scratch.

So I was told by someone that they couldn't eat healthily for the budget they had. I was then challenged to make a menu for their budget. When I scoured the supermarkets, there were various 2 for 1 offers which made a saving. The main saving was on making things last. Food was to last for 2-3 meals and leftovers. Mackerel and pouting are great low cost fish alternatives. Liver again is a low protein option (even though it isn't on this menu).

The plan is a 20% protein as this individual isn't very active. Porridge is soaked to speed up the cooking time and to aid digestion by breaking down phytic acid. I guarantee that if people have a bad diet, their digestion and absorbtion of nutrients will be poor. Fruit and veg portions are around 7 a day. Oily fish and flax seeds are to ensure optimum intake of omega 3

So here's the menu.


Porridge with flax seeds, banana and maple syrup.

Lentil soup with vegetables

Tuna salad with vegetables


Mackerel, tomatoes and rice

Lentil soup with vegetables

Roast chicken and vegetables


Porridge, flax seeds, banana and maple syrup

Chicken salad

Sweet potato with tuna and stir fry veg


Smoked mackerel, cottage cheese and raw vegetables

Lentil soup with leftover roast vegetables

Thai green chicken curry


Porridge, flax seeds, banana and maple syrup

Omelet with spring onions and salad

Curry leftovers


Fast in the morning (gut cleanse)

Chicken salad

Pouting (fish) with vegetables


Porridge, flax seeds, banana and maple syrup

Nicoise salad

Roasted veg with oregano and tomatoes + chicken leftovers.

I didn't even include vegetarian days which bring the cost down even further. This is for one person so economies of scale would bring the cost down a little more. I also added some extra little tips such as a starting the day with water and lemon juice to aid peristaltic action of the colon. I am also recommending a protein shake which is to be turned into a smoothie to make a nutritious meal. Every little bit helps. It's all about being creative and planning what you are going to eat for the week.



  1. The grand total was 29.87. This will fluctuate depending on where you shop but hopefully you get the gist.

  2. What is "pouting with vegetables" (Saturday)? Does it involve doing an impression of Posh Spice while holding a courgette in one hand and a bunch of carrots in the other?

  3. Or walking down the cat walk with your vegetable basket!! Pouting as in fish.