Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I'm going to drink so help me.

OK, so in an ideal world, any client who trains with me would cut back on the booze. Most do, but for those who still drink more than I would like, I help them balance out the booze as much as possible. Before I go any further, this isn't a guide to prevent the side effects of a night on the source. This is more quick guide as to how you can help your body deal with the poison/toxin, high insulin levels and excess calories from drinking.

1. Alcohol is a toxin/poison. Sure you hear of medicinal uses of alcohol. A shot of Vodka was often used as an accompaniment to your meal to kill any bacteria that may have survived the cooking process. A glass of wine can help relieve stress. However, Vodka is also good at stripping floors and cleaning jewelery so I wouldn't cling to the hope that you are making a positive health choice. Also, you can get the goodness from the grape without having it in the form of alcohol. So to help your liver cope with a night out, use milk thistle before and after to restrict and even prevent the damaging effects of alcohol.

2. Work out how big the night out is and prepare the day before and after. If you know you are going to have a skinful, you don't deserve to eat the same that day or the day after. In fact if you work out the calories consumed, you probably should think about a fast the morning after.

3. Alcohol counts towards your carb quota. If you have a few drinks, no refined carbs for the day. Take sugar out as well. Eat plenty of dark green vegetables instead.

Remember, these are 'take it our leave it tips.' This is the info that my clients want and i'm sharing them with you. If you think they are unrealistic for you, don't do them.

4. Eat a protein rich meal before you drink. This will slow your blood alcohol concentration rate. You will be putting your body through some of the symptoms a diabetic would experience. When you drink, your liver's ability to use carbs or fat as energy is completely switched off. So your blood sugar will drop and your body will not be able to provide you with any energy as you can't access the calories you consume from alcohol. This is why you hear stories of people falling unconscious and dying in the cold. Your body shuts down and has no energy.

5. Have a break from your session with a drink of water. Ideally water in between your drinks, but water isn't cool apparently. You may have been one of the people who gave me a dirty look when I asked you to get me a glass of water from the bar.

6. Take an electrolyte drink when you get in. Not a sports drink.

7. Drink hydrating fluids the day after. Coconut water is great for restoring pottasium levels.

8. Use Cinnamon in your midday smoothie. This helps to get your blood sugar back under control.

9. Get a bit out of breath in the morning. You can't sweat out a session. This is a myth. What you can do is oxygenate your blood which is probably trying to detoxify after your night out. A brisk walk will suffice.

10. Get a good gym session in the day before. Most of my clients have specific workouts to do before they go out. Most don't know that I am doing it and get one anyway. A good run isn't enough i'm afraid. You need to hit the weights and hit them hard.

Here are a few of the many different tricks and tips that I use. If you want to know more, drop me a message on my Facebook page.


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