Monday, 28 January 2013

Set a goal and get some focus.

It's the new year and people have their goals and resolutions. I'm inspired by the many people who've signed up for events such as the London to Paris bike ride, or Tough Mudder. No doubt people are starting to waiver a little, so I'm starting my own to help people get back onto the wagon.

Last year I tried to break 7 mins for a 2000m row. I started out at 7 mins 23 seconds and managed to get down to 7 mins 9 seconds in 6 weeks. If you haven't tried it, it is in my opinion the holy grail of fitness (especially if you're under 75kg). Rowing is an activity where it should be easier the heavier you are as your weight adds to the force you can generate as you are accelerating away. I didn't really consider how much this would be an issue as I challenged a 103kg guy to a sprint challenge and he repeatedly beat me. I took my ego in hand an never looked at the rower again.

Now I'm aiming to get back on the rower with a 3 times per week programme lasting for 16 weeks. It will mean that I will be training twice a day on some days (alongside a weights programme), so I have to prepare otherwise I will disappear and make myself very sick in the process. I will need to prepare:

  • Overall food intake.
  • More dark green veg.
  • Increased antioxidants to offset the oxidative stress of endurance training.
  • Pre/post exercise super shake + protein.
  • Beetroot shot or similar to get through hard sessions.
  • Glutamine for repair and recover.
  • Foam roller to maintain mobility.
Quite often when we start an exercise programme, we just expect our body to cope with the strains. Then wonder why we get run down or get ill.When you're attempting to do a lot of endurance training, it will take you beyond the realms of 'healthy' and you will need some assistance to prevent your body from letting you know about it.

I don't normally train this way, so it will be an interesting experiment. I think it is also important to lead by example in my job. I constantly set goals for clients and it is important to not only help them reach their goal, but to show them that you are prepared to do the same.

Writing about it is my way of accountability too. So feel free in a few weeks to ask, "how's it going?" As all goals, the challenge isn't when you feel motivated to do the hard work. The challenge is managing the days when you really can't be bothered. That's why some sort of support network is important.

I'll also do some videos about this journey too.

Let me know if you have any challenges of your own.


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