Saturday, 27 March 2010

1-2 pounds of weight loss.....

When I first qualified as a personal trainer, I was taught that the maximum safe amount of weight loss you can lose in a week is 1-2 pounds. I have since had this theory challenged by reputable practitioners and trainers. I have since modified my system and the potential weight loss I can offer has increased.

You may be asking how? Once you increase your metabolism, androgen levels (in men), growth hormone levels in conjunction with good nutrition and a proper exercise plan which boosts EPOC, 2 pounds should be a minimum. The problem is that most people haven't got a clue what I have just said. People guess or try a friend's diet because it worked for them. Cutting calories is the most common method. While calories need to be controlled, there is a lot more to it. Stay tuned for part 2 in which I will tell you EXACTLY how to achieve maximum weight loss.


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to hear how! I'm already cutting the calories....

  2. Cutting calories is only part of the equation. It is sometimes given more attention than other areas and which results in temporary weight loss. I'll explain more about this.

  3. Have you posted part 2 yet?

    I'm keen to lose some fat around my stomach whilst maintaining muscle mass. Alex speaks very highly of you so I'm very interested to hear what you have to say!