Sunday, 14 March 2010

David Lloyd's rant

I was listening to the radio the day after Great Britain lost to Lithuania, at tennis, in the Davis cup. To those who don't know, the Davis cup is the premier international team event in men's tennis. GB now play in the lower leagues and lost to a team they should have beaten. The knives were out and people were looking to assign blame for the shame of yet another loss. However, I heard David Lloyd shooting from the hip in his summation of what went wrong. He believes that we can't find and nurture talent in the UK and the system is the problem. There is a brand new state of the art of Tennis facility at Roehampton which he says "doesn't need carpeted changing rooms or plasma screens."

I agree with him as I am having serious barriers with my junior golf academy I am trying to set up. We seem to have this imperialist arrogance which is ego driven which is costing juniors a chance to excel. There appears to be a point blank refusal to look at the system and shake things up. Why do all our talented sports men and women go overseas to train and hone their skills? It isn't just the weather. They appear to have a better system and it is reported that they have a better work ethic. I interpret this to mean they have talented coaches who are able to coach and mentor talented indivuals. Look at the England football team and the way Capello has shaken up the same under performing England players and got them to the world cup finals. There are talented coaches and trainers here in the UK and my aim is to get them to the talented juniors out there.

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